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Inboxing, Cold Calling, Ads, And Cold Calling services that get you real leads that convert to sales using targeted marketing that finds clients that actually want what you‘re selling
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Features Include

  • Social Media is a popular form of entertainment but it is also a great tool for business that can reach millions of customers that don‘t use Google, are always on their phones and devices, or don‘t use web browsers often
  • Cold Calling services provide business to get directly in touch with potential sales prospects instead of waiting for them to respond. People are busy, try making sure you are heard by having a sales team call for you and reach the owners in charge of businesses and make the sale directly.
  • Inboxing and private messaging tools are used to keep in touch with family, friends, and loved ones everyday but have you ever used it for business? It‘s such a crucial piece to social media marketing and there is an art to finding new clients on social media many often overlook. Of course with the world as wide as it is and the millions of accounts on the Internet that may seem like a daunting task. But Ninja Web Design makes it easy to find the clients you are looking for everyday but can‘t seem to find.
  • Many businesses don‘t have the connections to find you online and would buy your services but just don‘t know you exist. We get you in touch with prospects who are most interested in what you‘re selling through prospect research and advanced search techniques.
  • Social Media often has the ability to create pages for your business and promote it using Ads to increase sales and traffic for your page. It really works! It needs to be tuned for maximum benefits and to get you in touch with the right people a simple ad running is not good enough. Any Ads on social media need the correct title and text content, the right amount of content (too much content is a turn off and too little isn‘t enough to gain a customer‘s attention. When done correctly, expect to easily make 3 to 5 bookings per week with just social media marketing services alone and without any additional tools implemented like private messaging and cold calling.
Social Media Marketing is crucial in 2021 with so many people using apps instead of web browsers but quality leads are hard to come by Cold Calling and Private Messaging are tools that can get you quality leads, sales, and bookings Businesses want to work with you and customers want to buy from you but you need to be found and they need to know you exist and what you can offer them Business pages are necessary for having a home on your social media sites so business can live in a specific area where customers can congregate, share content, and buy from you.

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