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Get yourself found by customers with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that future proofs your business allowing you to make money while you sleep
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SEO is a necessary aspect of web design in 2021 because it enables you to earn while watching TV and improves over time

Features Include

  • We will find the right keywords for your business. Keywords are the phrases potential customers plug into a Google or Bing search tool to find websites they are looking for. If someone puts in “T-Shirts” into Google the results are all “T-Shirt” websites which is exactly what you want to rank for if you sell T-Shirts.
  • SEO brings in more traffic to your website and social media pages. SEO can be done on virtually anything. It is only a matter of using the content, posting content with links, and making sure more people find that content. The important thing is making sure that content is found by your keywords. There are specific strategies to ranking on Google that work better for certain businesses. Knowledge is power.
  • Just placing lots of keywords into a page will actually rank it down MORE! Search engines like Google, Bing, and others place penalties on websites that don‹t follow best practices leading to unnecessary frustrations for people without a technical SEO background.
  • Social media is a crucial part of a good SEO campaign. Forgetting about YouTube, social media, and other sites is an easy way to lose lots of potential sales channels. The important thing for sales is to have many channels where money is coming in so if one is not working you have a backup or fallback to another source. SEO can accomplish that.
  • Earn quality leads using targeted SEO campaigns to drive traffic to the right areas on your site. By using CRMs and tools like Email Lists, we can save user information when customers sign up for you to contact them. We can place sign up forms on the site that ask for email addresses. By using these tools we will be able to send you the leads and you can close them yourself or you can have us manage your email marketing campaign and message thousands of clients a day with professionally run email design and development services.
  • SEO works perfectly with ads in order to achieve an even greater traffic throughput. The more traffic the more chance at capturing sales quicker.
SEO Campaigns are crucial to business in 2021 and without targeted marketing your website will suffer from poor to no sales SEO campaigns are designed to strengthen your business and make it resilient to negative market conditions like Covid-19 and recessions. When setup correctly, SEO can improve on its own gathering you more money without any extra input. An SEO system is great for improving SEO throughout all your accounts, services, and tools. It‘s best to start an SEO campaign when you first start your business. By the end of your first year you should be making money from the SEO and SEO improves over time. SEO is perfect for capturing quality leads useful for conversions.

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