Luna Catering

Designed in Wordpress and Features an innovative and modern design. Done in collaboration with Medianow.com.

NPN Streaming

Wordpress + Divi Template with an emphasis on social media features and video integration. Ease-of-use extremely important because the users will be mostly senior citizens.

Seductive Stature

Shopify with product migration and Facebook Page link and integration of chatbot.


Jewelery company specializing in fine trinkets. Designed in Wordpress + Divi featuring a custom template and PayPal Express checkout.

United Static Control Products (In Progress!)

Wordpress + Divi template with fully custom NWD Template and UI / UX design. Features custom coded applications and tools plus custom CSS transitions and Ajax search bar. SEO is offered as part of the deal and also includes product migration. Will replace United ESD | Home on completion.

Forever Captain Poodaman! The Ahmad Butler Foundation

A charity for children's cancer victims. These guys are a great bunch of people who teamed up to form an organization to help children with cancer. The people are the family of the late Ahmad Butler who was lost at a young age to his battle with cancer. The family worked together to create a charity that funds children cancer care for people who can't afford it themselves.

Bully Season Entertainment (In Progress!)

Website for a recording studio built in Duda featuring a fully custom template and a theme inspired by popular black culture and its music.

Bacteria Blockers

SEO and search ranking for Bacteria Blockers to increase its ranking on Google Search.

Pocono Rentals and Sales

SEO to increase the website and its search rankings. Included web design.

For Plants Sake | Natural Health Products

Designed as a catalog for the owner's brick and mortar store, this website was not designed to take online purchases. Instead, it is used as a catalog for customers who seek to find products they want to buy at her physical location. The website is built in Wordpress, Woocommerce, and using a Hestia template. The front page is custom-coded HTML, CSS & JavaScript.