Web Upkeep and Management

  • WordPress Bugs and Glitches
  • Fix issues with plugins and external website integrations.
  • Hosting Issues and DNS
  • Issues with website domain and backend routing to get your site up and running.
  • Website display issues (pictures, tech issues, etc...)
  • Missing pictures or content? Slider displaying incorrectly or maybe you have something not working right? I can fix all that!
  • Fixing Issues Makes You More Accessible to Your Audience
  • Broken sites are unprofessional but working sites gather a crowd around it.
  • SSL and Security
  • Fix problems with your site security and protect yourself and your customers from hacker and unwanted individuals.
  • Website Speed Boost!
  • Increase your website's load speed significantly with browser caching, compression technology and newest generation file formats.
  • Tech Support
  • Fix your website and troubleshoot any issues.
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