Versatility and Compatibility with JavaScript from a PHP and SQL-based Application using WordPress REST API

The usefulness of JavaScript extends into WordPress with the WordPress REST API. It’s been around for a while now, but the WordPress REST API is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of WP. WordPress is well-known for being a developer-friendly platform to build upon and is great for people looking to outsource their website projects to freelancers or web design companies.

Plugins, mobile apps, and web apps can integrate WordPress using its REST API to create an app that uses a WordPress GUI dashboard to manage the client side application, also called a user interface. User interfaces with WordPress GUI offer the ability for clients to manage any page or app built in JavaScript using the WordPress admin dashboard or even through a custom WordPress plugin built for the custom app specifically.

Developers often complain about integrating a SQL database into a JavaScript application but, through using WordPress REST API, working with a SQL database is often much easier using the WordPress REST API client to change and update the database. This gives JavaScript developers access to selling products in the WordPress market and offering services to both the WordPress and javaScript markets at the same time.

Example WordPress API Response

WordPress REST API: How it's Useful - NWD

Nuxt.js is an SSR (Server Side Rendering) JavaScript framework that is great for building applications and tools that are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranks the application higher on search engines using advanced JS code that either prerenders the application (Static Prerendering) or enable each individual page in the application to be dynamically rendered by the server (SSR).

WordPress REST API is Compatible with Anything that Can Request API Data

Of course because the REST API can be accessed by other programming languages like Python and C++ but the use of the JavaScript REST API was primarily to meet JavaScript developers where they are at and offer them an alternative to coding everything from scratch. Using WordPress REST API allows faster development of mission critical applications versus having to code everything by hand.

Having more options than using the default WordPress experience helps developers with more options for clients.

Building Phone Apps with WordPress REST API

Utilizing React Native for phone app development allows the option for building applications with WordPress REST API when fetching data from an API offering an easy and simpler way to create a login system with backend management for complex applications.

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