Lead Generation Simplified Makes Business Easier

Business is always about connections. Whether you are starting out or have your business for over 30 years, the more people you know the easier it is to sell your products, services, or both. People buy from people they trust. Having a lead gen system establishes trust, new connections, and helps simplify the lead generation process.

A Website is Essential to Building a Lead Generation System

Having a website allows you to share across any tool you want online. Links are very useful. They rank you up on search engines, they are able to be sent anywhere including through emails, in buttons on website builders, and linked to social media pages and posts. This makes a website a very versatile way to promote a business. It’s also extremely easy. You just say you work for this company and share your link. They’ll get around to it when they have time.

Using Social Media Effectively Requires the Correct Approach

Just having a website and sharing a link doesn’t mean people will care about any of the services you provide. Ensure you have a good sales script ready in your mind or on paper will help you organize your thoughts before private messaging a potential prospect. On social media, most sales would be through 3 popular methods.


  1. Private Messaging – Be careful to not sound too desperate because it drives away clients fast. Get to know the person and try to establish a relationship. People only want to buy from people they like.
  2. Ads – Running ads campaigns makes it easy to find large amounts of traffic. It is also very easy to find an enourmous amount of junk traffic that turns into no sales. Ensuring ads campaigns are targeted are crucial.
  3. Content – The 3rd and most important method is posts and content. Having quality content to show off to clients not only proves you know what you are talking about, it gives people something to do on your website besides look at ways they can spend money which keeps them engaged and makes them more interested in what you are selling.
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Consumers vs Users

Consumers are people who buy your products or services vs a User who is someone using your website or social media account. A business wants all users to become consumers (aka clients/customers). There is usually a rate called a conversion rate that determines how effective any marketing agency is at converting users to consumers.

Use SEO to Rank Your Website Higher by Running a Blog and Posting New Content Often

Building a website is just the first step. Content is king in marketing and it is how well the content is written that matters to an SEO campaign. A poorly optimized blog will not be very effective ranking high on search engines. Hiring experienced copyrighters can improve a website’s effectiveness at lead generation.

If your business owns a social media page post content from the website. SEO experts know the key to ranking websites up and getting listed on the 1st page of Google and Bing search is how easily your site is found on the web. The more links you share online the higher the chances you will be found by Google, your users, and a greater chance those users will visit your website and be converted to paying clients.

In fact, owning a blog allows you to share to others your content directly. It looks good when you share what you know with potential buyers. Most people have no idea who you are or what you know until you show them. Having a blog filled with good ideas and interesting, innovative content is a huge selling point for someone on the fence.

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A Good Lead Generation System Allows Easier Access to New Leads

A lead generation system implemented effectively allows a business owner to use that system on a regular basis to find and generate new leads. The system should be able to perform its functions on a daily basis. It should be simple to log into social media and share something. When sharing something that should be able to gather the interest of people wanting or needing the service provided by the business owner sharing the link.

Every system needs to be marketed effectively. But, all systems need to be able to simplify marketing for the business owner so its easier. A good system should increase the leads generated by a substantial amount to warrant the reason for purchasing the system in the first place.

A website is a marketing tool. It’s how its used that matters. Design is irrelevant if it is not a good marketing tool and does not bring in new leads.

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