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“Welcome to NWD!”



Working with Daniel was great, will be using his services again in the future!

Marie Caroline Ojeda

I got my landing pages done very quickly, efficient and good looking ????. Good communication skills and always available. Thank you so much.

Marty Pisano

We have been happy with the quality of Ninja Web Design services. Dan turns our work over fast with high accuracy.

Christine Caldwell

Dan was on point and on time. Very knowledgeable. He accomplished everything he stated he would. The time lines were adhered to and once we understood what we could do together, it went very smoothly. He is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

Stephen Cooter

Ninja Web Design is very responsive to our needs. I‘m impressed with the value and design capabilities they have provided thus far and would highly recommend them to other businesses.


The guy was really good to work with. He was very understanding and always had my best wishes in mind. Theres almost nothing that this guy can do for you! My business is amazingly successful because of the work this man did! Still can’t believe it.

Dr. Randall Heskett

He‘s doing a good job. The two guys from India were bullies and frankly insulting when I did not let them manipulate me. So I went with Daniel.


Website Design

Get online with proprietary technology where you get to make your own rules how it works and what restrictions apply. Sell your business your own way.


Rank on top of Google and get in touch with your customers. Targeted marketing only finds you clients you want not clients who don’t pay.

App Development

Custom application development. Phone App Development in JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, C, Python, Microsoft .Net Framework, Phone Apps, and Much More!


Sell your products and services online using automated tools and techniques designed to simplify your life and your business.

Social Media

Increase your popularity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Much More!


Get noticed with ads that increase your traffic. More traffic leads to more sales! You definitely want more sales.

Graphic Design

Custom graphics and artwork. Brand your website and social media pages to show off your uniqueness with custom graphics and artwork that ONLY YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS OWN! Great for marketing.

Email Marketing

Email is still the BEST method to selling products in 2021. Reach your customers with custom design services that build each email by hand so that customers can truly understand your services.

Professional Installation

Get your computer equipment installed for you. We know how to setup networks, computers, and fix software and hardware issues.”, url: “professional-installation-and-it-services

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