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Who Is Ninja Web Design?

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Ninja Web Design prides itself on providing top-quality services to its customers. Whether designing websites or logos, building applications or utilites, performing site maintenance or updates we always put the customer first and foremost. Customers have the #1 priority because Ninja Web Design knows that the customer is always right.

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Phone: 1-(862)-296-3618

Email: info@ninjawebsitedesign.com

Hello! It's Very Nice To Meet You!

Daniel Serrano | Owner & Founder

I have always had a love for design growing up. I appreciated the web and it’s immersive content. I used to love playing games online and watching movies and videos streamed through the internet. Learning how the data connects was very interesting to me and I dived in at a young age to build my first PC very young.

I wanted to become a game programmer and learn how to build video game worlds. Turned out along the way I learned how to build websites using Wix. I started having fun using templates and creating my own custom templates using the service. That’s when I started learning more about web design in college. I learned HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript to start off with. But, that’s when my desire to start my own business took off.

Web design started to be like programming. I could program entire experiences online. I loved that I could work from home without leaving and focus on what I’m doing without needing to travel 1 hour to work everyday. I have no bosses because I run my own company. I make my own rules, set my own hours and make my own money according to my own schedule.

Ninja Web Design | The Start

That’s when I knew that starting a web design business was the right fit for me. Because, I knew I was good at it. I knew that people would be attempting to thwart my attempts at success. People always hate the successful especially when those people are more successful and looking in the mirror makes them feel inadequate. But, I do love what I’m doing and have no fears that I will continue to be successful working at Ninja Web Design.

I know 10 programming languages, 30+ applications and tools, and know exactly how to integrate them into a useful and productive but beautiful and engaging website. I have high reviews and currently maintain a stable work environment with large amounts of connections across various sites including Facebook ( CLICK HERE ), LinkedIn ( CLICK HERE ), Bark ( CLICK HERE ) and currently have enough of these connections that it is not necessary to apply to job application sites as often. I can usually just ask some contacts if they need work and they have some available for me.

Actually, I get messaged more than I ask and usually I get work from other people asking me to build sites. So, I would say my success is because I never give up. If my story should teach you anything it’s that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you have no fear. Hire Ninja Web Design | You’ll Be Glad You Did.

Meet the Team

Valerie Lee Montgomery

Graphic Designer who lives in Canada. Helps design graphics and logos on Ninja Web Design products using GIMP.

Brittany Vought

SEO and Builderall Expert. Helps with Search Engine Optimization and modifying content for optimal SEO and display on searches like Google, Bing and Yahoo search.

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